The Benefits of Having a Good Video On Your Website

THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A VIDEO ON YOUR WEBSITEDuring some research, we found that 90 seconds or less is the perfect time to convey an idea to the public, whether in audio or video format. We observed that internet users spend a lot of time online but do not like to stay long for reading texts.

So how is it possible to capture someone’s attention and captivate them with your big idea? Well, it is easy! With an animated video, you can explain your big idea in a fun and engaging story to consumers. Using explanatory videos, it is a low cost method that allows companies to expand rapidly, explaining what they do, and saying how they help solve the problems of their clients.

Benefits of having an explanatory video on your site:

  • Increase your conversion rates

According to the Internet Research sites, up to 85% of people are more willing to buy a product, for the first time they saw an explanatory video. In addition, according to several studies conducted by Logo Design Pros; companies that accompanied their data in animated videos had great impact and contributed to the increase of 15% conversion rate to 75%.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to how your site ranks in search results and is an integral aspect of any online marketing strategy. Websites with a video on the home page are 53% more likely to be ranked first by Google. Not to mention that a video is 41% more likely to be clicked compared to a site that only contains images and texts. Without a video, you’re missing the opportunity to be found by a vast audience of potential customers.

  • Increase your exposure

Did you know that 70% of internet users are watching online videos? Here’s another number so you can think, more than 300 million user accounts on YouTube so far. That’s a huge audience of users waiting to hear your story. Go ahead and post your video to them, who knows if they cannot turn your customers?

  • Share on Social Networks

Animated videos are perfect to be shared on social networks because, online audience loves graphic animation. In addition, shared videos can be viewed anywhere in the world! Just think of how easy it is to share a video: there are endless ways you can use to share your idea with new audiences. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are always effective, not to mention video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. A video animation is a tool that you can use in different platform, such as TV, Indoors, Blog, e-mail marketing campaigns and more.

We choose perfect words, a unique concept, and a professional voice to create the custom animated videos with everything pertinent to your requirements. For our client’s feedback, see Logo Design pros reviews.


Logo Design Pros Reviews a creative animated video ‘TWO TAILS’

With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more videos are being watched and shared on various social mediums; thus becoming the no.1 source of interactive information and entertainment.

When it comes to online marketing, animated video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. Animated video is an extension to your brand that communicates the style and values of your business in a better way than words. These animated videos effectively target the pre-defined audience and make them aware of the company products and services.

The expert video maker team of Logo design pros is experienced in creating everything with perfection keeping in view your business nature, industry standards and target audience. They are well aware of what can reasonably be covered in the design and development phase of your custom video. With the optimum use of colors, texts, graphics, images, voice- over and music, the expert video makers create a perfect example of custom video designing that can turn the business image into an eminent brand.

Two Tails is a pet-grooming company which offers affordable, convenient and hassle-free pet grooming service to your door step. They needed a video that could highlight the details of their pet grooming offers. To portray their tranquil services of mobile pet grooming and affordability offer, Logo design pros expert video makers live up to their reputation and developed an enticing video.

Logo Design Pros provided all details about the animated video package that provide ultimate services from scriptwriting to storyboarding and voiceover to animation.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

The team of creative writers first comes up with an amazing script for this animated video. After the detailed discussion about Two Tails offers, the expert video maker of Logo design pros visualize the target audience and then scripted an exuberant storyboard. Video making team first break the key objectives of the pet grooming services and then complete the designing of visual elements to further explain those objectives.

Voice over

The experts of Logo design pros work under a streamlined process of video making designed for maximizing the turnaround time while ensuring the client’s complete involvement through all stages. After scriptwriting and storyboarding, the intonation and modulation of the voice over for this animated video is recorded in a professional studio. Depending on the client’s précised instructions, we provide the female voice over, specific to the accent client required.


The final graphics of this video are created on the approval of storyboard and animation along with voice over and background music. All of the combined efforts resulted in an informative and attractive video. This video has also brought numerous positive Logo design pros reviews from its followers and is another distinctive addition to Logo design pros portfolio.

Thus, this flawlessly designed video for Two Tails business gives clear evidence of Logo design pros services and expertise in delivering quality design solutions. Our guarantee is that your animation will be unique to your organization and you will be dealing directly with the video experts.

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