The Benefits of Having a Good Video On Your Website

THE BENEFITS OF HAVING A VIDEO ON YOUR WEBSITEDuring some research, we found that 90 seconds or less is the perfect time to convey an idea to the public, whether in audio or video format. We observed that internet users spend a lot of time online but do not like to stay long for reading texts.

So how is it possible to capture someone’s attention and captivate them with your big idea? Well, it is easy! With an animated video, you can explain your big idea in a fun and engaging story to consumers. Using explanatory videos, it is a low cost method that allows companies to expand rapidly, explaining what they do, and saying how they help solve the problems of their clients.

Benefits of having an explanatory video on your site:

  • Increase your conversion rates

According to the Internet Research sites, up to 85% of people are more willing to buy a product, for the first time they saw an explanatory video. In addition, according to several studies conducted by Logo Design Pros; companies that accompanied their data in animated videos had great impact and contributed to the increase of 15% conversion rate to 75%.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to how your site ranks in search results and is an integral aspect of any online marketing strategy. Websites with a video on the home page are 53% more likely to be ranked first by Google. Not to mention that a video is 41% more likely to be clicked compared to a site that only contains images and texts. Without a video, you’re missing the opportunity to be found by a vast audience of potential customers.

  • Increase your exposure

Did you know that 70% of internet users are watching online videos? Here’s another number so you can think, more than 300 million user accounts on YouTube so far. That’s a huge audience of users waiting to hear your story. Go ahead and post your video to them, who knows if they cannot turn your customers?

  • Share on Social Networks

Animated videos are perfect to be shared on social networks because, online audience loves graphic animation. In addition, shared videos can be viewed anywhere in the world! Just think of how easy it is to share a video: there are endless ways you can use to share your idea with new audiences. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are always effective, not to mention video hosting sites like YouTube or Vimeo. A video animation is a tool that you can use in different platform, such as TV, Indoors, Blog, e-mail marketing campaigns and more.

We choose perfect words, a unique concept, and a professional voice to create the custom animated videos with everything pertinent to your requirements. For our client’s feedback, see Logo Design pros reviews.


Explainer Videos can Redefine your Corporate Communication

logo design pros animated videos

Frankly speaking, how long would it take you to read the book ‘Da Vinci Code’? At -least about a month? Right? And after the movie release, you watch it in two hours and get the story!

The point to explain here is, today, even the most complex ideas can be elucidated easily with a simple video explanation. Nowadays complex business concepts or product descriptions are simplified with short animated videos in such a manner that engage the audience promptly. For this reason, a veteran animator of Logo Design Pros explains that, “the crux of business communication includes continuous communiqué of your brand messages through social media channels and explainer videos.” In this regard, we know that such short explainer videos play their critical role in spreading your brand’s marketing messages across the globe.”

Logo Design pros is a reputable online design agency that cater to the design and development needs of over 2 million clients across the globe with their flawless web designing, logo designing, branding and video animation services. The designers and video animators at Logo Design Pros excel in creating outstanding explainer videos that capture the attention of its viewers.

As we all know that trends of marketing and communication have evolved from traditional to advance marketing techniques, businesses understand that now it has become a compulsive need to be competitive in the market. For this reason, designing of interesting explainer videos is the most easily shared type of content on the web or on social media. Logo design pros portfolio contains a list of explainer video types that actually worked really well for our clientele’s businesses and help them in inbound marketing. Our work is also complimented and has gained much importance from customers; you can look to it in Logo Design Pros Reviews as well.

Explainer videos Benefit in Corporate Communication

  • Explainer videos have the power to influence a thought or act which can create a strong impact on audience.
  • Video content has a long shelf life that stays for long in the minds of viewers and help to reinforce brand value.
  •  Through explainer videos, your business communication can persuade the desire call to action.
  • They help businesses to create their cut throat advertising and marketing strategies.

Other than these, there are several other ways through which a nicely explained video animation can redefine your corporate communication. Get your explainer video from us today

‘Clean Solutions’ Animated Video – Logo Design Pros Reviews


Clean Solutions is a small business enterprise that offers the most trusted and reliable cleaning services including, office cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning and floor care services to the commercial customers. The company has a motive to build long term connectivity with its customers by delivering cost effective solutions to their cleaning needs. They need to seize more customer attention through an animated video in which they can address their cleaning expertise and promote their services.

The positive Logo Design Pros reviews for the unimpeachable custom animated videos made ‘Clean Solutions’ to share their idea with us. They asked us to make their video specific and attention grabbing. To highlight all the prominent brand services of Clean Solutions, Logo Design pros expert team goes up to their reputation and developed an exceptional video.

The expert scriptwriters, story boarders, animators and voice-over artists delivered a professional and creative animated video for them. At each and every step, our team has executed highly professional and ultimate services which help Clean Solutions to tell their story in a way that’s easy to remember.

The video highlights the main services and USP of the brand which connects perfectly with your customers. It has a professional script explaining every detail of client’s services in a very expressive manner. The designer created a very engaging video story that explains the message of Clean Solutions using prominent colors, imagery and visual metaphor.

At the final review stage of the video, client has given many positive Logo Design Pros reviews on our transitions, timings and general animations. We provide you top class branding solutions with creative balance at affordable prices because we are long term partners to help your business produce, implement and track the success of your video project.

If you are having issues simplifying your message and explaining who you are and what you deliver? Logo Design Pros can help you to bring your product to life and connect it emotionally with viewers by conveying your Brand’s value proposition clearly and quickly.

Logo Design Pros Creates Animated Video for Ambulance Cars

Ambulance Cars is a company that customizes ambulances for hospitals, philanthropists and humanitarian organization. To visually explain the entire customization process of Ambulance Cars, Logo Design Pros created an innovative video.

The video starts with a quick and impressive introduction of Ambulance Cars services. Gradually visualizes the process of various services offered by the Client. The video ends up with pleasant massage and contact details.

Online marketing statistics reveal that every four out of five users like to view website that contains video than anything else. 80% of these users will watch the complete video. To find out more about the service or product, they will click on the links attached to the video. This increases the conversion rate.

The videos consist of short description of the businesses or processes like “Execution of a Service”. Having an animated video will not only help you grab the attention of potential customers but also make you visible on the most popular video channels like YouTube, Daily motion and Vimeo.

Logo Design Pros has qualified expert team with many years of experience in animated video creation. The expert team writes the script and gets client’s approval. Then creates storyboard and finally adds voice over to the video. Animations done at Logo Design Pros are 100% smooth

No matter which industry you belong to or what kind of services you are offering; an animated video can visualize anything and adds a massive boost to your business. We offer affordable animated video package that include scriptwriting, storyboarding voice-over and animation. To avoid complaints, we at Logo Design Pros offer 100% money back guarantee. For more information, please visit

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