Logo Design Pros Reviews: Ways of Giving Your Website the Retro Look

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Generally, it is observed that people love those design styles and themes that connect them with the era of their lives that is long gone.  There are certain designs elements followed in web design industry that have become popular by the time. One of those design approach is retro and vintage theme in web design. The reason for the popularity of this design approach is, it gives your design something different from the regular fully saturated colors that you see in modern- themed designs.

The designers at logo design pros have also worked over retro and vintage theme design approach and have many projects in Logo Design Pros portfolio in which they have used immaculate icons, vivid graphics and pale colors. This is why; web designing projects having retro style are also well accepted by most of our customers from different countries and received their appreciations in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

Web designers follow several ways to give the web designing template a retro theme. We discuss with you some of them;

  • The designer should think retro;

When designers first experiment with retro designs, they usually face ideation problem. As for retro themed websites, designers need to think beyond contemporary design trends, which is a difficult task. For this reason, designers should take design inspiration for retro theme from old magazines, newspapers, advertisement clippings and anything else that can take their ideation to retro.

  • They should keep their focus on Simple Shapes;

Different web design styles and themes are characterized with simple shapes, thus, while thinking for retro or vintage theme, designers need to focus more on simple shapes that create the necessary impact on the website visitors.

  • Limited use of Colors;

For retro themed web designs, it is essential to limit the use of colors. While developing Retro themed website, designers should make sure not to use bright color palette. Usually black-white, yellow-orange, or cream-brown kind of color combination is preferred over bright colors.

  • Use of Retro Fonts and Typography

Retro typeface is one most important pre-requisite of retro themed websites. For retro website, the font or typeface you choose should go with the type of style that the designer tried to showcase through the web design. Designer can even merge the vintage style with modern typography if it goes with the web design.

  • Use Badge of Honor

Websites that usually give retro feel, often use badges. Basically, the use of contrasting colors and subtle design is hallmark of such badges. However, it is notable that why these badges are used on such websites? Well, it is because badges give perfect fit for the retro themed designs.

  • More use of design textures

There are various websites that have maintained their presence on web with the use of right texture.  Using perfect texture with all design intricacies before the final phase of web development, gives it a right retro vibe.   A design expert at Logo Design Pros says, “If designers won’t make any attempt to integrate retro texture into the website layout, they fail to stimulate visual appeal of the audience.

Thus, if you want to have a website design following retro theme, contact our designers today: 866-455-5646


How Web designers can generate creative inspiration for a New Website Project?

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Logo design pros reviews that creative industry and web design capitalizes the unique ideas of the designers. As a professional design company Logo design pros designers tapped their creativity with several design projects that keeps clients business rolling into the industry. For this reason, designers should be able to generate new and unique ideas and concepts every time they get a new project to deal with. Knowing what they have to do and actually finding that energy and inspiration to be creative every time they design is another matter entirely.

Logo Design Pros reviews that finding inspirations for any creative field is a daunting task, particularly in the web design industry where the demand of creative ideas and market competition is consistently rising. Adding a fresh, unique and creative idea is important, but what a web designer should do to keep that idea flowing in the industry for long period? How a web designer can feed the inner creativity of self and continue to create websites that yields high traffic conversions and leave memorable impressions? For this reason, we assemble some of the ways to kick-start your creativity for a new web design project;

  • Know every detail of your project; designers must understand that formulation of any design concept requires taking an active look at what the company has done in past work. After going a thorough brand research, the designers then have to delve into the branding strategies of the company, so that can take them graphically to where they need to be.
  • Once the designers complete their brand research, they need to be intuitively aware of the target audience of the brand. Thus, when it comes to communication of web design with the audience, designers must ensure that the UX and the design elements like font choice, navigation and multimedia of the website is speaking to the crowd.
  • Follow trending designs; commonly it is observed that designer’s inspiration will, in part come from whatever is trending in the market. This does not mean that a designer can steal the idea of another designer, but to certain extent, creative designs are inspired from others work.
  • Subscribe to Web Designer Resource; a good designer can also join various forums where web designers share their connections from around the world. You can review the buzz around various fonts, graphics and multimedia. This will also help designers to keep them up to date with trending web design and ideas.
  • Review some of your designed previous projects; since ever design project can be unique, thus, every designer can take inspiration from their previously designed web projects too.
  • Engage in certain Visualization Exercises; good web designers also look around and out of the box. By putting them into the shoes of audience, they can think differently that what type of experience would make an impression to them. Thus, it is advisable that a designer should walk through from a UX perspective and evaluate both aesthetic and navigation that would appeal to him.

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Other than these, there are several other ways from which our experienced and expert web designers take inspiration to come up with creative ideas for your projects; you can also view our incredibly designed web projects in Logo Design Pros Portfolio.

Creating Micro Content in Web Designs

Logo design prosMicro- content is basically the small- scale content. It is usually attributed as headlines, titles, taglines as well as small group of words on your website or at times, it acts as a label for content that is not even visible on the screen. Similarly, intriguing images or short videos can also be attributed to micro content.

These days this notion is even known with its new meaning; it is considered to be something that is optimized on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. But when it comes to web design, micro content has still got its own traditional sense.

Logo Design Pros is a trustworthy online design company and is considered among pioneers who deliver quality design solution to leading business industries across the globe. When it comes to designing a website, our designers focus on every crucial element involved in web design and development. From the checklist our designers keep balance in each design element of the website, its content creation and use of micro content to make your web project a perfectly designed example. You can also see some good examples in Logo Design pros portfolio with micro content design style.

The designers at Logo Design Pros know that the use of less content has definitely become a new trend, because your clients prefer saving time with apt information or to the point info on the websites. This is the reason; presenting web data in a concise manner proves to be more beneficial and effective. Here we put forward some convincing arguments through cutting edge website examples from Logo Design pros portfolio that effectively leverage micro content.

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Following the current trend of ‘Less is more’, in this particular example, our designers have promoted the brand while using micro content technique, and this ‘less’ is supported by eye-catching interactivity of the product. This website design has been appreciated by our valued customers many times in Logo Design Pros reviews. Some of the other examples using micro-content approach are:

micro content 1

From these examples it is obvious that micro content has carved out a niche for itself and has penetrated into the recent trends of web design and development.

Thus, businesses with online portfolios and other websites of various leading edge agencies can reap benefits from such solution. You can also take advantage of micro content approach by contacting our experts: 866-455-5646

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‘Ponder this’ Ecommerce Website – Logo Design Pros Reviews

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‘Ponder this’ is an online classy store of fashion accessories for both women and men. The brand contacted Logo Design Pros to design and develop a fully operational fashion online store. At Logo Design Pros, we understands that online store is much more than any ordinary store, as it directly allows customers to buy products or services online. For an online store it is important to capture strong market reputation and our designers make sure that the website turns out to be really impressive.

To attain strong brand reputation, Logo Design Pros did in depth analysis of the e-tail market for an online concept fashion store. Since, ecommerce is a big beast with lots of complexities, but our expert web developers believe it doesn’t have to be hard. Therefore at first, our expert web developers conducted a detailed study of client’s business and its competitors. Then our web developers designed the home page concept with a complete web layout which later gets fully operated after client’s approval.

The design of the website is very eye catchy that can easily seize attention of the customer. Considering the brand persona, our web designers used a contemporary web layout theme with trendy pictures that are ahead of the curve in online store industry.  The overall impact of the website is basic and user friendly with design elements of basic navigation bar, eye catchy web banner and cataloged product gallery. Another easy to use designed feature is CMS Content Management System through which client can make changes in product updates, and other discount offers.

Logo Design Pros offers its clients a complete web design and development solutions that can easily caters their online business needs. From web design and development to merchant integration, we deliver high tech business solutions at the most affordable design packages. We have a collection of Ecommerce Web development portfolio that has become a reason for hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews.

Luxury Website Design for a Home Renovation Brand – Logo Design Pros reviews

Web design services

Custom web designs are basically grouped in to two major categories simple & elaborated, but in either case it can be developed great or very, very badly. However to create a simple website may sound easy to you, but developing a clutter-free website requires a solid grounding in core design elements as well as experience in creating websites. There was time in the internet history, when any one could splash up a bunch of text with few snaps and look like a well-established business, but now a day’s internet has become most lucrative & competent market than ever! Now visitors are more sophisticated with rise in their website usability expectations.

Logo Design Pros has substantial experience in developing high quality custom websites. We have been developing websites for more than 45 divers industries. Venning House is great website design created by us. The company offers a wide range of residential & commercial furniture. Their requirements were to develop a website that could depict the high quality and elite standard of furniture.

At Logo Design Pros, our expert web developers know that research is one of the key fundamentals that result a functional website. In particular case of Venning House our designers decided to create a luxury website design with the use of high quality custom made textures, aesthetic color palate and elegant font style. The incorporation of such design elements has form the creative & elite web design for Vanning Furniture.

Logo Design Pros have designed numerous of highly customized websites for its more than million clients across the globe. The website of Venning House is a nice addition to the rice & diverse portfolio. Call us now at our toll-free # (866-455-5646) to start your website project today at industry’s most competitive price. Our hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews are testament to the high quality and timely serve website solutions.

Building Professional Brand Identities with Customized Design Services

Customized Design Services

In today’s competitive world, no business can deny the importance of a creative logo, user-friendly website, and interactive social media page designs. Now every business requires professional brand identity to connect itself with the audience. These marketing tools create a powerful impression and convey the brand message in a highly effective manner.

But creating professional brand identities is not possible without the assistance of skilled and professional designers. Logo Design Pros is one such company that has a team of talented, professional designers who have years of experience in the field. Logo Design Pros portfolio is a collection of professional and creative designs that speak volumes about our skills and talent. But unlike other professional design agencies, we offer our services at highly affordable prices, catering to not only big conglomerates but also small-and-medium sized organizations. We not only excel in providing highly customized design services but also professional customer care that address Logo Design Pros complaints.

Smart Home Dimensions is one of our most loyal clients that needed complete branding solutions including logo, website, customized social media pages, and stationery design. Smart Home Dimensions is a company that provides residential automation, commercial automation and control room solutions. The company needed an identity that speaks about its technological dynamism and innovative automation solutions. After thoroughly analyzing the brand requirement, our designers built a creative brand identity using blue and grey colors.

The logo is a combination of typography and illustration representing technological advancement that the company excels in. The illustration represents digital communication used in home and commercial automation solutions. The website and social media pages were designed on the same theme to maintain coherency of the brand philosophy. We also offered unlimited revisions in order to avoid Logo Design Pros complaints.

You can view our creative and innovative designs in Logo Design Pros’ portfolio, which speaks volumes about the skills and expertise of our designers. You can even contact our professional customer care representative for any queries or Logo Design Pros complaints.

Professional, Hassle-Free Design Process

Logo Design Pros, a professional design company, is known for its amazing packages and high-quality services. For years, we have been providing professional logo and web design services to clients around the globe. We have talented and experienced designers who know what it takes to produce creative and eye-catching designs. Our rich and boastful portfolio contains appealing and professional logo designs that are ample proof of our designers’ deep commitment to their craft. Our another claim to fame is our professional custom care representatives and dedicated account managers, who swiftly attend to our customers’ concerns and try their best to resolve Logo Design Pros complaints. To register Logo Design Pros complaints, you can call our toll-free number at any time.

Logo Design Pros offers a systematic process of placing the design order. We provide a wide range of design packages from which our clients can choose one that suits their business requirements and budget. They can also view the package details and price to know the type of services that Logo Design Pros offers. Once they have selected the package, they can see the “Order Now” tab. To directly place the order, they can click or choose one of the two buttons, “call toll-free number” or “click here for live chat” to discuss any queries or issues. To avoid Logo Design Pros complaints, we offer numerous rounds of revisions.

Once the client clicks the “order now” tab, s/he is redirected to the registration page. All s/he needs to do is fill out the form by supplying details such as name, e-mail address, contact number, and create password. Once the client has registered, s/he then moves to the next step that deals with providing the information about the project. In this section, the client tells the type of business, industry, target audience, competitors, and any specifications regarding logo and web design. After providing the required information, the client can preview the order to know the package s/he has chosen, details he has given and the closing date of the project.

Once we receive your order, our ace designers start working on it based on the information you have supplied. Once the first draft is ready, it is sent to you for your approval. If you find any flaws or shortcomings in this, you can ask us to revise the order— Logo Design Pros offers unlimited revisions until you are completely satisfied. We will then deliver the final draft with multiple file formats and other services included in the package.