The birth and Rebirth of Phoenix in Logo Design

One of many events which marked the end of 2014 for the world of web was the Sweden’s involvement in putting up a ban on the most popular torrent website known as ‘The Pirate Bay’. However, two months after the ban the pirates came back with a proverbial insignia of resurrection- the phoenix. Nu the plan for the phoenix looks temporary as a n insignia of the website’s rising from the ashes. However it is not excluded to stay as the permanent new logo of the pirate bay.

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The use of the phoenix raised quite a lot of attention towards the phoenix as the symbol of re birth and this is the reason this article will show you some of the remarkable logos that use the same symbol for their visual branding and identity.

University of Chicago

The symbol of phoenix has a high mythical significance with rebirth and eternal life. This makes it a perfect case for a university logo. Because what could be more eternal than knowledge? The said figure fits perfectly with knowledge and university.

logo design pros reviewsPhoenix Initiare  

Phoenix Initiare’s logo depicts the relationship between the phoenix and the business. The first “initiare”name of the company comes from a Latin word which means “to begin”. I this case Phoenix Initiare is company which helps in starting up businesses to reach their goals effectively and quickly. The logo of the company highlights about the beginning of something new and worthwhile which is also expandable and is beyond possibilities.

logo design pros blogMozilla firefox

Mozilla Firefox was originally called Phoenix which is the reason that the company’s initial logo consisted of a Phoenix with its wings spread out. However Mozilla Firefox couldn’t keep the logo and the name ‘Phoenix’ due to legal restrictions. It was then that the company introduced a new logo and a new name. The big change however proved to be worthy for the company obviously.

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Logo Design pros have successfully designed various logos featuring several zoological creatures according to their clients’ needs. Check them out at


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