Logo Design Pros reviews: The Guide to Smart Pop up Design

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It is observed that users are often annoyed with the pop-up windows that appear to fill out forms and answer questions, but are they all so bad? Pop ups also help users to give tips and offer product discounts.

So, what are these pop ups for? A pop up is basically a small window that appear all of a sudden in the forefront of the visual interface of any website. These small windows appear as advertisement, a form to fill content, a discount offer, information block, etc.  Logo Design Pros designers design smart pop ups considering the nature and design of the client’s website. Most of the designed pop-ups in our client’s websites present in Logo Design Pros portfolio contain compelling design elements that help clients business to increase conversion rate. In this article we will describe all the elements of the pop up designs and their factors in sequence that influences designers to follow the same for their websites projects.

Good Design of Pop-Up Windows Contain

  • Pop-Up with brilliant Appearance:

Usually pop-ups serve various purposes depending on the way it is initiated. If it is for a promotional banner or any advertisement, it should appear with no actions. However, in the other case of informational pop ups, it should be initiated by a click. Such information pop –ups contain explanatory function like filling out a form. Pop- up windows can even appear as content blocker of the web page with some secondary information that is only helpful for interested users. Such pop ups should not appear abruptly, because users mostly don’t connect with it well. Moreover, it would be perfect if the other type of Contact pop- ups should be opened with a specified button.

  • The bigger the better?

You know that size also matters for many website design elements, this is why, in case of pop- up windows, the question is whether they should be large or small in size? On comparison, small pop-ups that cover 30 to 40 percent of entire web page, they are accurate, pleasant looking and do not visually block other content of the website. However, if you want more attention from web visitors and make your content highly visible, pop-up windows should be huge that can take up about 80 percent of the web page space. This will lead to a better visual exposure of the little window as well.

  • Pop- Up window Color

It is undeniable that color play the crucial part in every web design aspect, but which color choice is winning for pop-ups? Use of contrast colors for the pop up windows is the best approach. Thus, the final goal of pop-ups is to influence the visitor to avail the offer, so a proper CTA button should be added that leads to action in bright colors.

  • Pop- up Content

Usually we have seen that pop- up windows are small in size, so its main task is to make it compelling with catchy content as well. This, 2 to 3 sentence content on this section will help your online business decide the future of the campaign. Thus, use of compelling words for Pop-up window content is essential.

In this way, your website pop-ups should not upset the user experience and bring the users back on what they had been looking for on the website before. Thus, Pop up designing has several rules and our designers follow almost all the decisive ones that result in effective pop- up designs. This is why most of our client’s web projects attain much appreciation from our customers in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

You can also take proper guide from our experts by dialing: 866-455-5646


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