How Web designers can generate creative inspiration for a New Website Project?

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Logo design pros reviews that creative industry and web design capitalizes the unique ideas of the designers. As a professional design company Logo design pros designers tapped their creativity with several design projects that keeps clients business rolling into the industry. For this reason, designers should be able to generate new and unique ideas and concepts every time they get a new project to deal with. Knowing what they have to do and actually finding that energy and inspiration to be creative every time they design is another matter entirely.

Logo Design Pros reviews that finding inspirations for any creative field is a daunting task, particularly in the web design industry where the demand of creative ideas and market competition is consistently rising. Adding a fresh, unique and creative idea is important, but what a web designer should do to keep that idea flowing in the industry for long period? How a web designer can feed the inner creativity of self and continue to create websites that yields high traffic conversions and leave memorable impressions? For this reason, we assemble some of the ways to kick-start your creativity for a new web design project;

  • Know every detail of your project; designers must understand that formulation of any design concept requires taking an active look at what the company has done in past work. After going a thorough brand research, the designers then have to delve into the branding strategies of the company, so that can take them graphically to where they need to be.
  • Once the designers complete their brand research, they need to be intuitively aware of the target audience of the brand. Thus, when it comes to communication of web design with the audience, designers must ensure that the UX and the design elements like font choice, navigation and multimedia of the website is speaking to the crowd.
  • Follow trending designs; commonly it is observed that designer’s inspiration will, in part come from whatever is trending in the market. This does not mean that a designer can steal the idea of another designer, but to certain extent, creative designs are inspired from others work.
  • Subscribe to Web Designer Resource; a good designer can also join various forums where web designers share their connections from around the world. You can review the buzz around various fonts, graphics and multimedia. This will also help designers to keep them up to date with trending web design and ideas.
  • Review some of your designed previous projects; since ever design project can be unique, thus, every designer can take inspiration from their previously designed web projects too.
  • Engage in certain Visualization Exercises; good web designers also look around and out of the box. By putting them into the shoes of audience, they can think differently that what type of experience would make an impression to them. Thus, it is advisable that a designer should walk through from a UX perspective and evaluate both aesthetic and navigation that would appeal to him.

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Other than these, there are several other ways from which our experienced and expert web designers take inspiration to come up with creative ideas for your projects; you can also view our incredibly designed web projects in Logo Design Pros Portfolio.


Logo Design Pros reviews: The Guide to Smart Pop up Design

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It is observed that users are often annoyed with the pop-up windows that appear to fill out forms and answer questions, but are they all so bad? Pop ups also help users to give tips and offer product discounts.

So, what are these pop ups for? A pop up is basically a small window that appear all of a sudden in the forefront of the visual interface of any website. These small windows appear as advertisement, a form to fill content, a discount offer, information block, etc.  Logo Design Pros designers design smart pop ups considering the nature and design of the client’s website. Most of the designed pop-ups in our client’s websites present in Logo Design Pros portfolio contain compelling design elements that help clients business to increase conversion rate. In this article we will describe all the elements of the pop up designs and their factors in sequence that influences designers to follow the same for their websites projects.

Good Design of Pop-Up Windows Contain

  • Pop-Up with brilliant Appearance:

Usually pop-ups serve various purposes depending on the way it is initiated. If it is for a promotional banner or any advertisement, it should appear with no actions. However, in the other case of informational pop ups, it should be initiated by a click. Such information pop –ups contain explanatory function like filling out a form. Pop- up windows can even appear as content blocker of the web page with some secondary information that is only helpful for interested users. Such pop ups should not appear abruptly, because users mostly don’t connect with it well. Moreover, it would be perfect if the other type of Contact pop- ups should be opened with a specified button.

  • The bigger the better?

You know that size also matters for many website design elements, this is why, in case of pop- up windows, the question is whether they should be large or small in size? On comparison, small pop-ups that cover 30 to 40 percent of entire web page, they are accurate, pleasant looking and do not visually block other content of the website. However, if you want more attention from web visitors and make your content highly visible, pop-up windows should be huge that can take up about 80 percent of the web page space. This will lead to a better visual exposure of the little window as well.

  • Pop- Up window Color

It is undeniable that color play the crucial part in every web design aspect, but which color choice is winning for pop-ups? Use of contrast colors for the pop up windows is the best approach. Thus, the final goal of pop-ups is to influence the visitor to avail the offer, so a proper CTA button should be added that leads to action in bright colors.

  • Pop- up Content

Usually we have seen that pop- up windows are small in size, so its main task is to make it compelling with catchy content as well. This, 2 to 3 sentence content on this section will help your online business decide the future of the campaign. Thus, use of compelling words for Pop-up window content is essential.

In this way, your website pop-ups should not upset the user experience and bring the users back on what they had been looking for on the website before. Thus, Pop up designing has several rules and our designers follow almost all the decisive ones that result in effective pop- up designs. This is why most of our client’s web projects attain much appreciation from our customers in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

You can also take proper guide from our experts by dialing: 866-455-5646

Elements of Art in Logo Design Pros Web Designs

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We see several styles in web designing, and many approaches that can be used to reach a unique online project. However, a truly great idea for web designing is to incorporate some artistic design aspects, its elements and principles when it comes to web designing.

The designers at Logo design pros do not just follow all the design elements while designing their web projects but also give them an artistic touch. According to our design team head; “The Design aspects in a website give you freedom in design; they give inspiration to the designers too and set good examples for others in this industry.” You can experience our artistic web designs in Logo Design Pros portfolio. The designs created by our experts are always appreciated by our clientèle in Logo Design Pros Reviews.

In this post we will discuss about some art elements in website designs;

Art in Web Design

To give artistic touch in the web designs, Logo Design pros designers mainly focus on the following elements the most;

  • Line
  • Shape/form
  • Color
  • Value
  • Texture
  • Space
  • Perspective


It is an element that connects two points. The size of lines vary a lot, either they are short or long, thick or thin, horizontal or vertical. The curvy and spiral lines can enhance the look of casual things on the web page. Logo Design Pros designers have artistically incorporate this element in their designed web projects. Lines are even used as separators or they even fulfil the aesthetic functions on the web page.

When you explore Logo Design Pros Portfolio, you will see how lines are not just used with styles but they are of any color. It can be monochrome line or varicoloured with a rainbow design.


The element of Shape/Form needs much focus of the designer when he has to create two or three dimensional object. These shapes and forms let the designer to create designs with circles, stars, hexagons, rhombuses, hearts etc.


Many designers considers that this aspect does not has a valuable role in the website design. The element of color actually creates the atmosphere of the website, as this element possess characteristics like hue, intensity and value. Hue is the name of the color; intensity shows the bright or dull use of colors, whereas, value tells the level of color intensity. In this way, any web designer can win user’s favor and can change the perception of the product with smart use of colors. You can view some inspiring examples of already existing web designs in Logo Design Pros portfolio.


This element associates with the light. Though designers know that without adding perfect light to the web design, nobody could find it appealing. Our designers also say that Value is the contrast of one color.


This design element appears to feel, for example, feel of stone, wood etc. it helps to create individuality for the website. This design element is good for theme websites, just like water texture for a water park website.


This is another most important design aspect for a website design. Space is basically the distance of objects on the website. It is also known as white space or negative space.


Your web design perspective is basically a technique for making three dimensional illusions. Perspective makes a painting appear to have form, and then gives the website a real appeal.

If you have some suggestion on these design techniques, you can comment below or can talk to Logo Design Pros experts by dialling: 866-455-5646

Explainer Videos can Redefine your Corporate Communication

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Frankly speaking, how long would it take you to read the book ‘Da Vinci Code’? At -least about a month? Right? And after the movie release, you watch it in two hours and get the story!

The point to explain here is, today, even the most complex ideas can be elucidated easily with a simple video explanation. Nowadays complex business concepts or product descriptions are simplified with short animated videos in such a manner that engage the audience promptly. For this reason, a veteran animator of Logo Design Pros explains that, “the crux of business communication includes continuous communiqué of your brand messages through social media channels and explainer videos.” In this regard, we know that such short explainer videos play their critical role in spreading your brand’s marketing messages across the globe.”

Logo Design pros is a reputable online design agency that cater to the design and development needs of over 2 million clients across the globe with their flawless web designing, logo designing, branding and video animation services. The designers and video animators at Logo Design Pros excel in creating outstanding explainer videos that capture the attention of its viewers.

As we all know that trends of marketing and communication have evolved from traditional to advance marketing techniques, businesses understand that now it has become a compulsive need to be competitive in the market. For this reason, designing of interesting explainer videos is the most easily shared type of content on the web or on social media. Logo design pros portfolio contains a list of explainer video types that actually worked really well for our clientele’s businesses and help them in inbound marketing. Our work is also complimented and has gained much importance from customers; you can look to it in Logo Design Pros Reviews as well.

Explainer videos Benefit in Corporate Communication

  • Explainer videos have the power to influence a thought or act which can create a strong impact on audience.
  • Video content has a long shelf life that stays for long in the minds of viewers and help to reinforce brand value.
  •  Through explainer videos, your business communication can persuade the desire call to action.
  • They help businesses to create their cut throat advertising and marketing strategies.

Other than these, there are several other ways through which a nicely explained video animation can redefine your corporate communication. Get your explainer video from us today

Use of Multicolor Designs for Kids-wear Logos

kidswear logo designChildhood is the most unforgettable and precious time of a person’s entire lifespan. When you recall your days of yore, you cannot ignore to describe your childhood with colors? Well, undoubtedly most of us were attracted to colors when it comes to clothing. And those shinny and bright multi-colors build up our memories for life. This is why designers always love to use multicolor while designing kiddy stuff to express vitality and vigor. Specifically when designers deal with kids-wear logo designs, they use many colors to give them energetic and uplifting feel.

The designers at logo design pros take special notice of color selection and feel of logo every time they design a logo for Kids-wear brands. Our designers understands well that a logo should attract the right market, and in case of kids-wear, we know that children are highly respective  and responsive to visual stimuli, and color is one of the major defining factors in that response. Therefore, Logo design pros portfolio contains a wide range of cozy and catchy kids wear logos, designed with the use of bright and multi-colors. Our collection of kids-wear logos mostly integrate multi-colors are frequently appreciated by our clients in Logo Design Pros reviews.

The head of design team at logo design pros says,” Colors, fonts, images and design for kids’ logo should be intensely considered throughout the designing phase so that the logos can be made more effective.”

Look at the examples of nice multi-colored designed kids-wear logos below, that might remind you of your beautiful memories from childhood;

logo design pros reviewsThis is the trade mark of the leading kids-wear brand ‘Young American Boutique’, which is in shape of a growing tree. In this particular example the use of colorful starts symbolize the bright dreams and wishes of children. The selection of blue, yellow, green and pink depicts that feel of delight and warmth.

kids logo 2


As we all know that, girls love pink, well, than I guess little guys are fond of ‘blue’. The designer of this logo smartly uses light blue and pink shade to express the element of refreshment and friendliness. Just by a glance on this cute logo design, any kid would love to buy clothes from this brand.

You can also gain kids attention with such smart and attention grabbing logo designs from Logo design pros by clicking on,

Logo Design Pros Reviews the Paradox of Flat Design Trends for Websites

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If we talk about which web design style is making a huge buzz in the design industry for the past few years, we would name ‘Flat Designs’, which has completely taken over the graphic design in  a short period of time. One of the biggest interfaces to go flat was of Windows 8, later it was left behind when Apple released its iOS7. The designers at Logo Design Pros have been making flat designs even before it has become a trendy and fashionable design style. The logo design pros web portfolio enlists various web design styles and more specifically Flat Web Designs that liked and are complimented by our valuable customers in Logo Design Pros Reviews. Besides the popularity of this design style, it is also being criticized by masses on the basis of being monotonous and boring.

See also: Creating Micro Content in Web Designs

We discuss with you some of the bad reviews about the flat design of websites and will take a look at the flat design trend to figure out why is it difficult to carry on with it?

Problems with Flat Design and Solution

  • From a list of problems with this design style, one big problem is it hurts usability of website. This is where we start giving more emphasis over minimalism, which again will become an issue for the website.
  • Another important issue is the use of excessive minimalism. Though, it is cool to have a minimalist style to make simple and clean web layouts. Even then it is considerable that it will take you to non creativity.
  • Giving excessive emphasis on mobile web experience is another concern for flat designs. Designers usually follow more minimalistic approach for mobile experience, though people with off screen gestures expect more from desktop version of the web layout. Common example for designers is of Windows 8 desktop experience.
  • With the success of Flat Designs, everyone tends to use a more or less similar web style and layout to compete in the industry. Even if designers think of taking creative steps, they fear risk of being left behind. This fear of rejection is changes the urge of trying something new or creating something out of the box, thus limiting creativity and innovation. To play safe designers follow same pattern with less creativity.

In this regard, designers must know that ‘Flat Designs’ are not hard to follow, but they often forget to think of issues about Flat web Design. Logo Design Pros are skilled enough to understand all of the listed issues and that is why they incorporate every design element in your website carefully while keeping right balance. If you want to learn more about ‘Flat web Designs’, contact our experts today: 866-455-5646

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