A typographic Logo for Consultancy Solution providing company

logo design services

To run a business, one has to plan the financial aspects and know what to do and how to do it. Similarly, advertising and brand visibility is equally important for any company. To be able to do this in a professional manner, business owners look for consultancy firms who maintain strong market position with their unique marketing and branding styles. Logo Design Pros tops the list of online design agencies that give your brand a strong market position and knows how to reap some rewards for your consultancy business through their unique logo design service.

One of our prestigious client, Sharpline Advisors contacted us to create a logo design that should have a professional look and at the same time it should let their customers gaze towards the financial consultancy services of the company. Usually Consultancy Solution providing companies have delicately complex typographic logos but the expert designers of Logo design pros create a sophisticated and stylish typographic logo for Sharpline Advisors.

Typography is one of the design fundamentals that add perfection to a logo. Our expert designers give this logo a cutting edge and simple font style that represent the supremacy of the brand among its competitors. The unique typography along with a stylish illustration is also making this logo trendy and professional.

Our designer selected the black and maroon-ish red color for this logo and the reason for choosing this color theme was quite logical. Red represents the strength of any brand, its purity and commitment to deliver better services, similarly, black is the color of integrity and trust. The overall logo design reflects the commitment of Sharpline Advisors to deliver practical financing solutions with free consultations. At the time of final delivery of this logo design, the client remarked our efforts by giving positive logo design pros reviews.

If you want to give your business a market boost, get a logo design from us with Logo design pros affordable packages. We offer you a range of seven logo design packages that not only provide you a custom logo, but also other branding tool such as stationery set, website, social media custom themes & search engine submissions.


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