Coffee Tree Logo, Designed By Logo Design Pros

Coffee Tree logo design

There are many types of food & beverages logos you may have seen; each logo is representing a unique type of food and drink. If your restaurant has specialty in a particular product, this could be the foundation of your brand. Using your business genre in your logo design will allow customers to have a quick glance of what type of food & beverages you are offering. Logo Design Pros knows how to create the professional Image & feel of your brand that you want your potential customers to have when they think of your business. Hundreds of Logos have been created by Logo Design Pros that has provided a a strong identity to their client’s brands.

The client shared the logo requirements that they needed a logo that could depict an impression of professional coffee trading to the target audience.  Expert designers created an iconic illustration of a ‘coffee bean incorporated in a leaf shape’.  The illustration is a graphical representation of the brand name itself.  Designers selected two unique font styles to show the brand name & its slogan.

Natural solid hues of green and coffee brown were used to create the logo design.  The color green brings a natural feel to the logo whereas the color coffee brown is strongly projecting the brand’s essence.  The unique and creative play of both colors has resulted in an outstanding logo for Coffee Tree that is second to none. Logo Design Pros expert designers have once again proved that their creativity has no endings with the creation of Coffee Tree logo.  The logo has also fetched hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews.


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