Corporate Logo Design Created by Logo Design Pros


logo designing

The talented and expert designers at Logo Design Pros have created the perfect logo for Mobicom. Instead of using complex logo design, designers have taken a minimalistic design approach for creating the logo of a mobile communication company, ensuring the overall appeal of the logo.

The designers used the combination of graphic and typography that is certainly increasing the appeal of the logo, giving it a hi-tech look.  The two color tone used in soft hues represents positive energy. The white background has effectively maintained the overall balance of the logo.

The first half of the brand name is written in navy blue color that represents technology and innovation, implying that the Mobicom provides innovative solutions for mobile communication while the second half is in lighter tone of blue that is depicting infinity to which the company aspires.   The designers creatively played with typography and created a professional logo design.

The logo designers gimmicked with the first letter of brand name and created a unique icon that is adding versatility to the logo design. The icon of ‘M’ is also serving as the brand icon. This can be separately used for various branding purposes.

Mobicom speaks about the exceptional standard of Logo Design Pros services. Our services are not only limited to custom logo designs; we are also offering highly functional websites, blog theme design, social media page designs, stationery design sets and print collaterals

The logo has also generated positive Logo Design Pros reviews.


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