Promo Luxe Typographic Logo Design Created by Logo Design Pros

logo design

Logo Design Pros offers industry’s most affordable logo design packages to cater to the need of large and small businesses. Promo Luxe chose a professional logo design package that includes unlimited logo design concepts, free stationery design sets, 1 concept of static banner, 1 double sided brochure design and a 10 page website design with 1 year free domain name registration & web hosting. And that’s not all, Logo Design Pros packages come with a 100% Money Back guarantee.

Promo Luxe is a promotions & events management company specializes in the promotions of perfumes and cosmetics. The logo requirement of Promo Luxe was a professional & eye catchy logo that could represent the luxury for which the brand aspires. The logo design was assigned to industry’s specific logo designers at Logo Design Pros who have more than 5 years of experience in designing logos for PR & Event Management Industry. Designers conducted an in-depth research on the client’s brief & current logo standards. They came up with a concept of a logo design having a graphic design with the brand name.

The logo designers gimmicked with the brand name initial ‘P’ & ‘L” and created a unique yet elegant emblem design.  Designers incorporated infinity and luxury touch in the emblem that are efficiently portraying brand‘s business philosophy.

Designers kept background color black that adding a corporate look to the entire logo design. The black color symbolizes professionalism and supremacy. It also denotes that Promo Luxe excels in its services. The typography is in hues of red & grey colors. The color red promotes a luxurious feeling while grey is for reliability of the brand.

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