Attractive Brochure Design Created By Logo Design Pros

brochure designing

PMI Fleet Service is a company that offers fleet solutions.  Logo Design Pros has created an innovative brochure that effectively highlights the client’s services. The designers have created an appealing theme with the hues of red and grey. Red denotes high quality service while grey is for trust and sincerity. Designers used solid font style to make it readable for all age groups. It also gives a professional touch to the overall design.

Standard Resolution of Images for Print Material

The pictures we see on our computer screen are not the same when printed. Therefore, the correct resolution of a images is essential to get the best printed version.  The designers have taken care of the correct image resolution according to the requirements.

Printing & Scaling

A brochure will lose its quality, if printing scaling is not done properly. For this, the designers have customized the size of the brochure according to the client’s printing requirements.

A brochure is a powerful marketing weapon that promotes brands or services. It also helps to grab the attraction of potential customers. However, a professional brochure design plays an important role to achieve the marketing goals.

Logo Design Pros has created successful brochure designs with the use of custom theme, impressive content and high quality images, ensuring the business philosophy is strongly reflected in the design. Whether it’s a logo, a website or a brochure design; we ensure creativity and uniqueness of a design to the highest extent.  This dedication is the reason we get amazing Logo Design Pros reviews from our clients globally


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