Great Website Design Created By Logo Design Pros

website designing

In today’s world, internet is the most lucrative business market. A website is vital to get an online presence of your business. It is also important that a website should be attractive and user-friendly.  There are various elements to consider while designing a professional website such as structure, functionality and SEO.  If these elements are not properly incorporated may cause malfunctioning that will result in unprofessional website design. To avoid such scenarios, Logo Design Pros have qualified and experienced web developers who have more than eight years of experience in the field of professional web development.

The business web package was selected from the client. The package includes unlimited web pages with content management system, 6 unique web pages, 1 year domain name registration with web hosting, 5 email address & stock photos and 3 logo design concepts with unlimited revisions.

At Logo Design Pros, Website developer conducted a thorough research on client business & competitors and came up with an idea to create a tile layout web design that could highlight all the services at home page in an attractive manner. The overall website design is divided in to three steps consist of a navigation tab, banner and tiled representation of client unique selling points.

Website designers selected attractive hues of blue and grey that is adding a creative & corporate look to the website. The color blue symbolizes infinity & professionalism while grey is the natural color that signifies trust and faith.  The creative color combination is representing the client’s business philosophy in an attention grabbing manner.

The website design is a great addition to the rich & diverse Logo Design Pros portfolio that is testament to the expertise of the website developers. The web site design has also brought positive Logo Design Pros reviews.


Corporate Logo Design Created by Logo Design Pros


logo designing

The talented and expert designers at Logo Design Pros have created the perfect logo for Mobicom. Instead of using complex logo design, designers have taken a minimalistic design approach for creating the logo of a mobile communication company, ensuring the overall appeal of the logo.

The designers used the combination of graphic and typography that is certainly increasing the appeal of the logo, giving it a hi-tech look.  The two color tone used in soft hues represents positive energy. The white background has effectively maintained the overall balance of the logo.

The first half of the brand name is written in navy blue color that represents technology and innovation, implying that the Mobicom provides innovative solutions for mobile communication while the second half is in lighter tone of blue that is depicting infinity to which the company aspires.   The designers creatively played with typography and created a professional logo design.

The logo designers gimmicked with the first letter of brand name and created a unique icon that is adding versatility to the logo design. The icon of ‘M’ is also serving as the brand icon. This can be separately used for various branding purposes.

Mobicom speaks about the exceptional standard of Logo Design Pros services. Our services are not only limited to custom logo designs; we are also offering highly functional websites, blog theme design, social media page designs, stationery design sets and print collaterals

The logo has also generated positive Logo Design Pros reviews.

Promo Luxe Typographic Logo Design Created by Logo Design Pros

logo design

Logo Design Pros offers industry’s most affordable logo design packages to cater to the need of large and small businesses. Promo Luxe chose a professional logo design package that includes unlimited logo design concepts, free stationery design sets, 1 concept of static banner, 1 double sided brochure design and a 10 page website design with 1 year free domain name registration & web hosting. And that’s not all, Logo Design Pros packages come with a 100% Money Back guarantee.

Promo Luxe is a promotions & events management company specializes in the promotions of perfumes and cosmetics. The logo requirement of Promo Luxe was a professional & eye catchy logo that could represent the luxury for which the brand aspires. The logo design was assigned to industry’s specific logo designers at Logo Design Pros who have more than 5 years of experience in designing logos for PR & Event Management Industry. Designers conducted an in-depth research on the client’s brief & current logo standards. They came up with a concept of a logo design having a graphic design with the brand name.

The logo designers gimmicked with the brand name initial ‘P’ & ‘L” and created a unique yet elegant emblem design.  Designers incorporated infinity and luxury touch in the emblem that are efficiently portraying brand‘s business philosophy.

Designers kept background color black that adding a corporate look to the entire logo design. The black color symbolizes professionalism and supremacy. It also denotes that Promo Luxe excels in its services. The typography is in hues of red & grey colors. The color red promotes a luxurious feeling while grey is for reliability of the brand.

You can explore Logo Design Pros reviews to find out more about our services that would help you in building strong brand identity.

Attractive Brochure Design Created By Logo Design Pros

brochure designing

PMI Fleet Service is a company that offers fleet solutions.  Logo Design Pros has created an innovative brochure that effectively highlights the client’s services. The designers have created an appealing theme with the hues of red and grey. Red denotes high quality service while grey is for trust and sincerity. Designers used solid font style to make it readable for all age groups. It also gives a professional touch to the overall design.

Standard Resolution of Images for Print Material

The pictures we see on our computer screen are not the same when printed. Therefore, the correct resolution of a images is essential to get the best printed version.  The designers have taken care of the correct image resolution according to the requirements.

Printing & Scaling

A brochure will lose its quality, if printing scaling is not done properly. For this, the designers have customized the size of the brochure according to the client’s printing requirements.

A brochure is a powerful marketing weapon that promotes brands or services. It also helps to grab the attraction of potential customers. However, a professional brochure design plays an important role to achieve the marketing goals.

Logo Design Pros has created successful brochure designs with the use of custom theme, impressive content and high quality images, ensuring the business philosophy is strongly reflected in the design. Whether it’s a logo, a website or a brochure design; we ensure creativity and uniqueness of a design to the highest extent.  This dedication is the reason we get amazing Logo Design Pros reviews from our clients globally