Affordable Logo Design Package

Logo Design Pros is a well-reputed logo design company that provides professional and customized design & development services to its clients across the globe. The company has a team of experienced designers who have served the leading advertising agencies and design institutes worldwide. While we offer first-rate logo design services, we do not fleece our customers and charge them rates they couldn’t easily afford. Unlike other professional logo design companies, we offer our services at affordable price. Logo Design Pros packages are designed not just for large organizations; small- and medium-sized companies, but even startups, can benefit from our outstanding services.

Due to financial constraints, small businesses and startups tend to hire amateur designers but Logo Design Pros packages are designed keeping in mind the client’s business needs and budget. The company offers multiple design concepts, unlimited revisions, and rush-hour deliveries to meet the needs of the clients. The Logo Design Pros packages start at a minimum cost of $95.

The basic logo package offers 3 logo design concepts, free stationery design and revisions. Each logo design concept is different from the other giving clients a diverse perspective of their brand’s key message. Our professional designer first thoroughly understands your business, industry, target market, and competitors, and then comes up with a creative, professional logo design based on your specific requirements.

The free stationery design builds a strong and consistent image of the client in front of its external and internal stakeholders. This helps the client to brand itself as a professional and stable organization. Free revisions provide satisfactory results to the clients. The designers tweak the logo design until the client is satisfied. The final draft of the logo is a true and clear depiction of the brand message.

There are 7 Logo Design Pros packages that are classified according to different business requirements. The customer can choose one that is most suitable to their branding purpose and budget. The Logo Design Pros packages provide a wide range of services starting from logo design to complete branding solutions. Whether you are a big corporation or a small organization, Logo Design Pros provides you with nothing but the best Logo Design Pros packages.


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