How Has Retina Display Transformed Web Designs?

The year 2012 brought innovative trends in web designs. These design changes were highly a reflection of cultural and technological drift. With every passing day, designers and developers were inclined towards swifter user interface. Not only this, the introduction of mobile websites also changed the landscape of web designs.

It was a year full of creativity and novelty but the introduction of Retina Display created hype. Retina Display, a term coined by Apple, was aimed at introducing a higher quality display. Such display is not limited to Apple products but other tablets, and monitors also use it. That is why, it has become an important element in creating websites.

What is Retina Display?

Retina Display, a brand of Apple, is applied to a display in which the pixels are liquidated so that the density of the pixels is increased. The human eye is then unable to notice the pixilation of the display giving it a smoother look. These retina screens are two times as denser as the average LCD screen.

To create Retina Display image, save your file in SVG format as it easily resizes itself according to the screen as well as fits well on a pixilated screen without distorting its shape. If there are files that cannot be saved in SVG formats such as a photo, then you need to create two sets of images. The first set should be double the resolution of the original file and the second will be saved in the original size. Now scale down the larger image to half of the size so that it looks crisp in the retina screen.

Retina Display is not suitable for everyone.

These images are most suitable for responsive website but may create trouble in image-based websites, as the images may appear grainy on LCD. To address this issue, retina.js, again introduced by Apple along with CSS/HTML and media query solutions are used. Foresight.js makes it much easier by changing the display of the image according to device display and network connectivity. Not only this, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator introduced their new version that supports Retina Display.

Why is Retina Display important for your website?

The importance of Retina Display website is ever increasing because of the production of newer smartphones. In the U.S. alone, 28% of smartphone users access the internet through their mobiles. Not only is Apple supporting the higher level of screen resolution but also other tablets and devices. Since everybody loves to view clearer pictures, so this technology insured users to have a highly polished preview of the images. This use of retina display is also prevalent in apps so that the viewer can have smoother pictures.

In short, Retina Display has become important as it gives sharper and crispier results and also developers to have more space to work with the increase in efficiency of websites and apps.


What Should a Professional Logo Design Company Deliver With the Logo?

If you have a business, you would require a logo to represent your business. For this, you need to hire a logo design company that can build a graphical representation of your brand. It will be able to combine various elements to make a logo design suitable for your business.

Such design companies are surely invaluable but to search one is a daunting task. It becomes harder when you search online and filter out those that don’t meet your requirements. No matter how much customized your search is- you will come across amateur designers who guarantee designs within a day or low cost services. While these offers sound tempting, but they may not be appropriate for your business, as you are not assured of the quality and customization of your logo designs. If you are in hiring logo-designing company, make sure that they handover following things with the logo.

Multiple formats of the file:

Your logo design company should not only be creative but also be aware of technicalities of transfusing your logo on various marketing materials. They should be able to deliver you the file in multiple formats, such as: jpeg, png, gif, tiff and few more.

Since, this will help you to place high quality logo on print as well as digital marketing tool. These formats will also help you to rescale or resize your logo.

Colored as well as black & white versions:

To be sure, of the appeal of your logo, the agency should provide you the file in original colors as well as in black & white. The company provides both the versions so that the client can use any of them without compromising on the quality.


Professional design agencies will always handover the copyrights of the logo to the client. This will allow you to reproduce the logo as many times as you want. You will also be authorized to make changes in the logo.

The issuance of the copyrights will also ensure that the company has no right of using/reproducing your logo anywhere at any point of time. It gives you the legal ownership of the logo.

Number of designs:

A professional logo design company will at least provide you 2-3 concepts. Each concept will be completely different from the other one- starting from colors to images to fonts to designs. Every design will be unique and original meanwhile, fulfilling the basic business needs.

Unlimited number of revisions:

A logo design company will always offer you unlimited revisions. But here what they meant by revision is a change in the element of the logo rather than the concept of the logo. You will be offered to make changes as many times as you like as long as it remains limited to the elements of the logo.