Web Design Background Trends

Web design has recently gone through several rather revolutionary changes in terms of styling and appearance, especially over the past decade. A website developed nearly 10 years ago will be starkly different than the website of today. One of the major changes is the change in the type of background. As websites begin to incorporate customer preferences by becoming more visually appealing, so have the backgrounds of websites.

The first thing one notices about a website is its background. Backgrounds, by far, are the most visually appealing feature of websites and, therefore, are the first thing to capture the audience’s attention. It is the background that holds the theme of the entire website; hence, the design element of backgrounds is something that should not be trifled with.

Basic Background Structures:

This involves the effective use of body backgrounds with content backgrounds in order to come up with varying structures for websites. These include:

  1. Content and Body Background Layered: This involves using a layered approach in which an image is used as the body background while the content background is layered on top.
  2. Content Directly Layered on Body Illustration or Texture: This involves layering the content directly on to the body background.
  3. The Body and Content Background as One:  Here, the content background is the body background.

Wrapper/Header Backgrounds:

There are other places where good background design can be implemented. One of these is the header and the other is behind the top of the wrapper.

  1. Standard Header Background: Illustrations, images and textures can be used as backgrounds for banners. One factor that needs to be taken into account when designing an effective banner is to provide a separator that ensures smooth transition between the header and the rest of the site.
  2. Flowing Illustrated Wrappers:  Illustrated flowing wrappers make the websites more memorable and play well with the theme of the website. In order to make an effective header, the following factors need to be considered:
  • Match the Edge of the Graphic to the Body Color
  • Keep the Style Consistent with the Rest of the Design

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