How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Website?

As per a Wiley research paper, the human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors. That means a website designer has an enormous variety of colors to choose for the website being developed. The real question arises when a designer has to select the perfect color scheme for your website from this wide-open palette of all the different shades and variations of these millions of colors with keeping in mind all the design considerations.

The first question that arises in a web designer’s mind is exactly how many colors to use on the website? As more colors are to be used, more uniformity the website design loses. Therefore, designers usually opt for 60-30-10 rule. This rule guides the designers to choose three different yet complimentary colors as per the creative direction of the website and to use them in a 60:30:10 proportions. This proportion works in a way that the color with the 60% ratio becomes the primary color for the website setting the whole ambience for the website, the 30% color becomes the contrasting one striking over the primary color while the remaining 10% color is the one accentuating either the primary or the contrasting color. Usually designers go for a neutral (shades of Grey, White, Black or Cream) primary color so that the choice of the secondary color would not end up to be a challenge to make it contrast yet compliment the base color.

Choosing these three colors does not mean that the designer is restricted to the usage of these colors only. Every now and then, a website needs to use a number of different colors for the posts, banners or to direct the attention towards an announcement. The best option is to either use a darker or lighter shade of the three colors already used. Such a choice would help to maintain the uniformity and the equilibrium of the color scheme used on the website.

Therefore choosing the right color combo is not as easy as picking your favorite colored flowers from the garden. Only expert web designers know how to keep the delicate equilibrium intact between their own creative instincts and the creative direction sought by brand through its website.


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