Mobile Websites | Designing Future Trade

More than 2 billion mobile users have access to web on a global scale and over 800 million of these users use mobile browsers consistently to search the web. These numbers are increasing considerably as technology and accessibility to the internet is getting mobile and more affordable. This increases the demand for clean, crisps and usable mobile websites. Owners of businesses websites with large audience are well aware of the benefits of providing a mobile platform to their customers. Just as mobile websites have become an important tool for advertisers. It is predictable that mobile websites will become more of a necessity than a luxury. In order to design an attractive mobile website there are a few thing to keep under consideration by the designers.

The huge misconception for designing a mobile websites is that designers can cram all the content of actual website into the mobile website. Normally mobile websites are based on actual website designed for personal computers. Therefore designers are expected to put everything on the mobile websites and that’s where they complicate things for the audience. Mobile website should be an extract of actual website which provides a comprehensive yet concise view of the actual web content. One strategy that web designers commonly use is the placement of icons to be used as buttons. This minimizes the textual content of the actual website and becomes easier for the viewers to find whatever they are looking for.

Another important element of consideration is, knowing the target audience. Designers should study their target audience and design the web accordingly. A website designed for working adults cannot be similar to the one designed for children. Similarly the purpose for which the website was designed should also be considered. Mobile websites designed for smart phone cannot be similar to that designed for common cellular phones because of various features like screen size, touch screen, etc. Therefore designers have to come up with a common design for both of these devices. This will improve your site usability and allows the customers to access your website with any mobile device available. Thus, easier the usability of your mobile website the better it is for business,


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