How to Choose the Perfect Color Scheme for Your Website?

As per a Wiley research paper, the human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors. That means a website designer has an enormous variety of colors to choose for the website being developed. The real question arises when a designer has to select the perfect color scheme for your website from this wide-open palette of all the different shades and variations of these millions of colors with keeping in mind all the design considerations. Continue reading


Mobile Websites | Designing Future Trade

More than 2 billion mobile users have access to web on a global scale and over 800 million of these users use mobile browsers consistently to search the web. These numbers are increasing considerably as technology and accessibility to the internet is getting mobile and more affordable. This increases the demand for clean, crisps and usable mobile websites. Owners of businesses websites with large audience are well aware of the benefits of providing a mobile platform to their customers. Just as mobile websites have become an important tool for advertisers. It is predictable that mobile websites will become more of a necessity than a luxury. In order to design an attractive mobile website there are a few thing to keep under consideration by the designers. Continue reading