5 Important Elements in Designing a Customized Business Logo

Logos are graphical or symbolic representation of a business and should reflect the true essence of the brand for which they are designed. These graphical symbols represent particular brands for the customers to identify and differentiate from other brands available in the market. Logos with specified color schemes are highly noticeable and recognizable for the customers. For instance considering red color for cola, the very first brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. Likewise, yellow color for DHL, blue color for Pepsi, and so on. However, designing a logo requires precision, accuracy, sense and sensibility.  Following are some of the most important things to be considered by designers when designing a professional logo.


The logo is the first thing that a customer observes; therefore, it should be kept simple yet attractive. Designers should not complicate their logo design with futile details. Also they should maintain variations in the color scheme.

Engaging the audience

It is important to keep the audience engaged in the design. A logo should not be so literal that it fails to grasp the intended amount of attention from the audience. One common practice for gaining audience’s attention by the designers is to use striking colors for the logo. However, color balance should be delicately maintained.


Logo should be designed in such a manner that it suits the business for the next 10-15 years.  Although it is not possible to look into the future, but the design should be such that it does not get obsolete over time. The longevity of a logo depends upon the simplicity and aptness of its design. IBM logo is the best example in this regard.


Another thing to be considered by the designer is that the logo should be flexible enough to be modified as per business requirements. Also, it should not be color specified and have the propensity to be used/ printed in any color at any scale.


Finally and most importantly the logo design should be exclusive and unique and it should not be confused with any other brand by the audience.


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