Easier Navigation through Simpler Web Designs

Navigating a website is facilitated by the use of links, button bars, menus, and browser buttons. Pages within a site can be accessed directly by other site pages or search engines and therefore should be quickly identifiable with a site logo and headers telling users where they are. Link color is also used to inform users of location and previously visited pages. Links can be embedded within the page content (embedded), directed to other levels of the site structure, or directed to related information (associative). Positioning of links on a text-intense page like a news story has been found to impact user satisfaction and preference. Users report that embedded links are easier to navigate and that they make it easier to recognize key information and to follow the main idea than links positioned at the bottom of the page, top of the page, or in a left menu.

Structural links can be displayed via menus. Cascading menus have the advantage of requiring less screen real estate than indexed menus. However, it is sometimes difficult for users to control their mouse movements precisely enough to view and select the correct menu item. Research comparing cascading menus and indexed menus (like that used by Yahoo.com) shows that indexed menus yield faster search times and higher levels of satisfaction by users. Users typically attend to information presented on the visible portion of a webpage (an area referred to as “above the fold”) and do not like to scroll. Research has shown that online documents that require paging tend to be superior in both performance and preference to documents that require scrolling on a single page. Professional companies offer custom web designs for business and professionals to improve their brand awareness among customers aimed to attracting the target audience simply by making business website simpler and easier to use.


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