Understanding the Concept of Color Scheme in Web Design

Designing a website requires an exquisite blend of website design, quality content and overall structure. These fields are sufficiently important in grasping viewer’s attentions and assuring regular visits. It can simply be said that we are more attracted towards interactive websites rather than informative websites. Those websites that we like at the first glance, we tend to visit them over and over again. However, the most important element of designing a website is the color scheme designers choose for the webpage and how does it go with the products and services that you offer. Website designers play with color schemes in relation with the attribute of the brand they are presenting on the website.

For example consider a Chinese restaurant website, which will definitely be based on red color scheme because of certain relevance of red color with the Chinese culture. You cannot expect this very same website to be in dark purple color scheme or something in dark green. Likewise, consider a website for a drinking water brand which will use blue color on the website theme, because people associate blue color with water, purity or cleanliness. Selecting a color scheme requires deep understanding of human psyche and the impression of colors on human emotions. Red color is alarming so whenever designers want to attract viewer’s attention towards a “point of action” they normally use red color for the section. Commonly, red colors are used for buttons on the homepage and other section of website where designers want their audience to attract or interact.  However, red color is not specified with buttons or other noticeable areas of the webpage. Any color can be use to present a sensitive area on the website, depending on the color scheme.

Brand positioning plays an important role in selecting a color scheme for the web design. Color schemes are finalized depending on the products and services these businesses offers.


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