5 Important Elements in Designing a Customized Business Logo

Logos are graphical or symbolic representation of a business and should reflect the true essence of the brand for which they are designed. These graphical symbols represent particular brands for the customers to identify and differentiate from other brands available in the market. Logos with specified color schemes are highly noticeable and recognizable for the customers. For instance considering red color for cola, the very first brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. Likewise, yellow color for DHL, blue color for Pepsi, and so on. However, designing a logo requires precision, accuracy, sense and sensibility.  Following are some of the most important things to be considered by designers when designing a professional logo. Continue reading


CMS Website Design – Bringing the Ease in Managing Your Website

Once upon a time, we needed to know several computer commands and codes to even operate the simplest of programs on a computer but thanks to the technological advancements; even a 5 year old can now operate a computer with ease. The knowledge of complex programming tools is no longer necessary to do what might seem inconceivable for someone without any specialization in I.T; even managing a website on your own is possible with a simple CMS website design. Continue reading

Easier Navigation through Simpler Web Designs

Navigating a website is facilitated by the use of links, button bars, menus, and browser buttons. Pages within a site can be accessed directly by other site pages or search engines and therefore should be quickly identifiable with a site logo and headers telling users where they are. Link color is also used to inform users of location and previously visited pages. Links can be embedded within the page content (embedded), directed to other levels of the site structure, or directed to related information (associative). Positioning of links on a text-intense page like a news story has been found to impact user satisfaction and preference. Users report that embedded links are easier to navigate and that they make it easier to recognize key information and to follow the main idea than links positioned at the bottom of the page, top of the page, or in a left menu. Continue reading

Understanding the Concept of Color Scheme in Web Design

Designing a website requires an exquisite blend of website design, quality content and overall structure. These fields are sufficiently important in grasping viewer’s attentions and assuring regular visits. It can simply be said that we are more attracted towards interactive websites rather than informative websites. Those websites that we like at the first glance, we tend to visit them over and over again. However, the most important element of designing a website is the color scheme designers choose for the webpage and how does it go with the products and services that you offer. Website designers play with color schemes in relation with the attribute of the brand they are presenting on the website.

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