Creating Micro Content in Web Designs

Logo design prosMicro- content is basically the small- scale content. It is usually attributed as headlines, titles, taglines as well as small group of words on your website or at times, it acts as a label for content that is not even visible on the screen. Similarly, intriguing images or short videos can also be attributed to micro content.

These days this notion is even known with its new meaning; it is considered to be something that is optimized on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and so on. But when it comes to web design, micro content has still got its own traditional sense.

Logo Design Pros is a trustworthy online design company and is considered among pioneers who deliver quality design solution to leading business industries across the globe. When it comes to designing a website, our designers focus on every crucial element involved in web design and development. From the checklist our designers keep balance in each design element of the website, its content creation and use of micro content to make your web project a perfectly designed example. You can also see some good examples in Logo Design pros portfolio with micro content design style.

The designers at Logo Design Pros know that the use of less content has definitely become a new trend, because your clients prefer saving time with apt information or to the point info on the websites. This is the reason; presenting web data in a concise manner proves to be more beneficial and effective. Here we put forward some convincing arguments through cutting edge website examples from Logo Design pros portfolio that effectively leverage micro content.

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Following the current trend of ‘Less is more’, in this particular example, our designers have promoted the brand while using micro content technique, and this ‘less’ is supported by eye-catching interactivity of the product. This website design has been appreciated by our valued customers many times in Logo Design Pros reviews. Some of the other examples using micro-content approach are:

micro content 1

From these examples it is obvious that micro content has carved out a niche for itself and has penetrated into the recent trends of web design and development.

Thus, businesses with online portfolios and other websites of various leading edge agencies can reap benefits from such solution. You can also take advantage of micro content approach by contacting our experts: 866-455-5646

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Things to Consider for Professional Logo Designers

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There’s been a long debate on what are important things, aspects or characteristics a designer needs to consider while designing a professional businesses logo, and numerous designers, authors and artists have presented their theories on this concept. Nevertheless, what matters is how many designers actually follow those unwritten set of rules, stipulations or clauses? Is there any guideline for new designers to create something that transforms their client’s idea into a logo or amplify their business/ brand image to the target audiences?

The first, and the most important thing here is to study what actually matters for a client. Is it the brand projection or the image itself? It is the nature of their business or the competitiveness of a logo design. Every logo design is gauged under a certain set of criteria on its relevancy to the business, acceptance by the audience, competitiveness in the market and objectification of the brand. Logo Design Pros has been in the logo design industry for over a decade with a team and experienced logo designers. Based on the experience in handling client’s projects Logo Design Pros professionals were interviewed, as to what are the most important aspects they believe that a designer needs to consider. Following are some important question that all designers should ask for designing a professional logo design.

  1. What are the client’s objectives?
  2. How and where the logo will be used?
  3. How should a logo be different from the competition?
  4. Who are the target audience?
  5. What are cultural considerations?

Answering these questions will certainly define a pathway for designers to come up with something that meet the expectations of their clients and guarantee satisfaction. Amateur logo designers can take reference from these and ask their clients for a better brief to create and deliver something extraordinary.

Logo Design Pros has been a leader in custom logo designs in the industry and has served over a million customers, across the globe. Logo Design Pros reviews are testament to the commitment and dedication of their team of professional designers.

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Logo Design Pros follows key Responsive Website Design Elements

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The year 2014 is known to be the year of smartphone. Industry studies show the share of smartphones has reached about more than 65% in U.S. So, this is definitely a good time to invest in the mobile user experience. If you own a website, you should give it a responsive design that allows the website to adjust, or respond to how, where and the way it is being viewed.

You will probably happened to read at least once on a website a statement such as ‘This site is optimized for a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.’ This phrase means that the layout of the site is designed to be properly displayed on a screen that has a minimum resolution of 1024x768px. So, a customer with a different screen resolution, can’t see the site correctly but in a significantly different way, depending on the type of layout. However, in order to address the problem of different resolution of monitor users, modern architectures introduced Responsive Website Design. Therefore, we see Responsive design is a headache for many online businesses that face the problem with website multiple screen resolutions.  So what makes an outline of web design more responsive?

With the commercial success of netbooks and smartphones and with the expected success of the computer tablets, the situation has become even more complex. The range of sizes of the devices with which a user can access the web has definitely expanded. Therefore, to be precise, a Responsive Web Design is a technique that allows your website to fit almost any device which could be smartphones, tablets, TV, PC monitor, iPhone and Android phones with both landscape and portrait modes. All you need to do is properly implement a responsive web design and see that your website conforms to any device. Some people think that having a responsive web design is the best way to get access to more and more people. However, some websites are too complicated to implement Responsive web design. For those sites, there are two alternatives are: A completely separate from your website mobile version.

Logo Design Pros is helping businesses from different industries with profitable responsive website solutions. Our creative designers and technicians are skilled enough to create a complete web design for your responsive project that can make your business accessible to masses. Logo Design Pros have an organized and agile responsive web design and development process while following all the essential elements of responsive web design.

Let’s take an example from Logo Design Pros Portfolio

Logo Design Pros

The Flow of the website

While designing responsive website, it is considerable to notice that every page and every element of the website has to be created with user’s perspective. For this particular website, Logo Design pros establish all the possible entry points and user flow elements that make this website highly responsive and fits with the size of all browsers.

Relative units

Logo Design Pros designer adjust different pixel density with relative units for every canvas be it desktop, mobile screen or anything in between.


Breakpoints are the points that permit the format of the website to change at predefined points, i.e., having three segments on a desktop and just one segment on mobile phone. Logo Design Pros defined the breakpoints of this website at the exact device widths that the client was looking to target.


Logo Design Pros designer create this responsive website design with the use of already existing CSS framework.

Max and Min values

We see that often it looks great when the content covers the whole width of the screen on the mobile device. However, stretching the same content to the whole width of any other big screen doesn’t look fine. For this reason, designer use min/max values. Our designers also follow the min/max value element for this particular responsive web design project.

Therefore, in this particular example, Logo Design Pros designer has given a responsive architecture with structured design scale of columns and grids that fits with all device screens with different sizes. So don’t you think that by not offering a responsive version of your site, you are missing a significant portion of visits you get every day? This figure may vary for each web page but with the popularization of mobile devices is definitely an upward trend. So you need a responsive website? Contact Logo Design Pros experienced web designers and complement our work by leaving a comment in Logo Design Pros reviews.


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Logo Design Pros Reviews a creative animated video ‘TWO TAILS’

With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more videos are being watched and shared on various social mediums; thus becoming the no.1 source of interactive information and entertainment.

When it comes to online marketing, animated video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. Animated video is an extension to your brand that communicates the style and values of your business in a better way than words. These animated videos effectively target the pre-defined audience and make them aware of the company products and services.

The expert video maker team of Logo design pros is experienced in creating everything with perfection keeping in view your business nature, industry standards and target audience. They are well aware of what can reasonably be covered in the design and development phase of your custom video. With the optimum use of colors, texts, graphics, images, voice- over and music, the expert video makers create a perfect example of custom video designing that can turn the business image into an eminent brand.

Two Tails is a pet-grooming company which offers affordable, convenient and hassle-free pet grooming service to your door step. They needed a video that could highlight the details of their pet grooming offers. To portray their tranquil services of mobile pet grooming and affordability offer, Logo design pros expert video makers live up to their reputation and developed an enticing video.

Logo Design Pros provided all details about the animated video package that provide ultimate services from scriptwriting to storyboarding and voiceover to animation.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

The team of creative writers first comes up with an amazing script for this animated video. After the detailed discussion about Two Tails offers, the expert video maker of Logo design pros visualize the target audience and then scripted an exuberant storyboard. Video making team first break the key objectives of the pet grooming services and then complete the designing of visual elements to further explain those objectives.

Voice over

The experts of Logo design pros work under a streamlined process of video making designed for maximizing the turnaround time while ensuring the client’s complete involvement through all stages. After scriptwriting and storyboarding, the intonation and modulation of the voice over for this animated video is recorded in a professional studio. Depending on the client’s précised instructions, we provide the female voice over, specific to the accent client required.


The final graphics of this video are created on the approval of storyboard and animation along with voice over and background music. All of the combined efforts resulted in an informative and attractive video. This video has also brought numerous positive Logo design pros reviews from its followers and is another distinctive addition to Logo design pros portfolio.

Thus, this flawlessly designed video for Two Tails business gives clear evidence of Logo design pros services and expertise in delivering quality design solutions. Our guarantee is that your animation will be unique to your organization and you will be dealing directly with the video experts.

If that’s what you’re looking for, why not get in touch with logo design pros experts? Dial: 1-866-455-5646

A typographic Logo for Consultancy Solution providing company

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To run a business, one has to plan the financial aspects and know what to do and how to do it. Similarly, advertising and brand visibility is equally important for any company. To be able to do this in a professional manner, business owners look for consultancy firms who maintain strong market position with their unique marketing and branding styles. Logo Design Pros tops the list of online design agencies that give your brand a strong market position and knows how to reap some rewards for your consultancy business through their unique logo design service.

One of our prestigious client, Sharpline Advisors contacted us to create a logo design that should have a professional look and at the same time it should let their customers gaze towards the financial consultancy services of the company. Usually Consultancy Solution providing companies have delicately complex typographic logos but the expert designers of Logo design pros create a sophisticated and stylish typographic logo for Sharpline Advisors.

Typography is one of the design fundamentals that add perfection to a logo. Our expert designers give this logo a cutting edge and simple font style that represent the supremacy of the brand among its competitors. The unique typography along with a stylish illustration is also making this logo trendy and professional.

Our designer selected the black and maroon-ish red color for this logo and the reason for choosing this color theme was quite logical. Red represents the strength of any brand, its purity and commitment to deliver better services, similarly, black is the color of integrity and trust. The overall logo design reflects the commitment of Sharpline Advisors to deliver practical financing solutions with free consultations. At the time of final delivery of this logo design, the client remarked our efforts by giving positive logo design pros reviews.

If you want to give your business a market boost, get a logo design from us with Logo design pros affordable packages. We offer you a range of seven logo design packages that not only provide you a custom logo, but also other branding tool such as stationery set, website, social media custom themes & search engine submissions.

‘Clean Solutions’ Animated Video – Logo Design Pros Reviews


Clean Solutions is a small business enterprise that offers the most trusted and reliable cleaning services including, office cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning and floor care services to the commercial customers. The company has a motive to build long term connectivity with its customers by delivering cost effective solutions to their cleaning needs. They need to seize more customer attention through an animated video in which they can address their cleaning expertise and promote their services.

The positive Logo Design Pros reviews for the unimpeachable custom animated videos made ‘Clean Solutions’ to share their idea with us. They asked us to make their video specific and attention grabbing. To highlight all the prominent brand services of Clean Solutions, Logo Design pros expert team goes up to their reputation and developed an exceptional video.

The expert scriptwriters, story boarders, animators and voice-over artists delivered a professional and creative animated video for them. At each and every step, our team has executed highly professional and ultimate services which help Clean Solutions to tell their story in a way that’s easy to remember.

The video highlights the main services and USP of the brand which connects perfectly with your customers. It has a professional script explaining every detail of client’s services in a very expressive manner. The designer created a very engaging video story that explains the message of Clean Solutions using prominent colors, imagery and visual metaphor.

At the final review stage of the video, client has given many positive Logo Design Pros reviews on our transitions, timings and general animations. We provide you top class branding solutions with creative balance at affordable prices because we are long term partners to help your business produce, implement and track the success of your video project.

If you are having issues simplifying your message and explaining who you are and what you deliver? Logo Design Pros can help you to bring your product to life and connect it emotionally with viewers by conveying your Brand’s value proposition clearly and quickly.