Logo Design Pros Reviews a creative animated video ‘TWO TAILS’

With the rise of social media, smartphones and tablets, more and more videos are being watched and shared on various social mediums; thus becoming the no.1 source of interactive information and entertainment.

When it comes to online marketing, animated video is as indispensable as business cards, a website or brochure. Animated video is an extension to your brand that communicates the style and values of your business in a better way than words. These animated videos effectively target the pre-defined audience and make them aware of the company products and services.

The expert video maker team of Logo design pros is experienced in creating everything with perfection keeping in view your business nature, industry standards and target audience. They are well aware of what can reasonably be covered in the design and development phase of your custom video. With the optimum use of colors, texts, graphics, images, voice- over and music, the expert video makers create a perfect example of custom video designing that can turn the business image into an eminent brand.

Two Tails is a pet-grooming company which offers affordable, convenient and hassle-free pet grooming service to your door step. They needed a video that could highlight the details of their pet grooming offers. To portray their tranquil services of mobile pet grooming and affordability offer, Logo design pros expert video makers live up to their reputation and developed an enticing video.

Logo Design Pros provided all details about the animated video package that provide ultimate services from scriptwriting to storyboarding and voiceover to animation.

Scriptwriting and Storyboarding

The team of creative writers first comes up with an amazing script for this animated video. After the detailed discussion about Two Tails offers, the expert video maker of Logo design pros visualize the target audience and then scripted an exuberant storyboard. Video making team first break the key objectives of the pet grooming services and then complete the designing of visual elements to further explain those objectives.

Voice over

The experts of Logo design pros work under a streamlined process of video making designed for maximizing the turnaround time while ensuring the client’s complete involvement through all stages. After scriptwriting and storyboarding, the intonation and modulation of the voice over for this animated video is recorded in a professional studio. Depending on the client’s précised instructions, we provide the female voice over, specific to the accent client required.


The final graphics of this video are created on the approval of storyboard and animation along with voice over and background music. All of the combined efforts resulted in an informative and attractive video. This video has also brought numerous positive Logo design pros reviews from its followers and is another distinctive addition to Logo design pros portfolio.

Thus, this flawlessly designed video for Two Tails business gives clear evidence of Logo design pros services and expertise in delivering quality design solutions. Our guarantee is that your animation will be unique to your organization and you will be dealing directly with the video experts.

If that’s what you’re looking for, why not get in touch with logo design pros experts? Dial: 1-866-455-5646

A typographic Logo for Consultancy Solution providing company

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To run a business, one has to plan the financial aspects and know what to do and how to do it. Similarly, advertising and brand visibility is equally important for any company. To be able to do this in a professional manner, business owners look for consultancy firms who maintain strong market position with their unique marketing and branding styles. Logo Design Pros tops the list of online design agencies that give your brand a strong market position and knows how to reap some rewards for your consultancy business through their unique logo design service.

One of our prestigious client, Sharpline Advisors contacted us to create a logo design that should have a professional look and at the same time it should let their customers gaze towards the financial consultancy services of the company. Usually Consultancy Solution providing companies have delicately complex typographic logos but the expert designers of Logo design pros create a sophisticated and stylish typographic logo for Sharpline Advisors.

Typography is one of the design fundamentals that add perfection to a logo. Our expert designers give this logo a cutting edge and simple font style that represent the supremacy of the brand among its competitors. The unique typography along with a stylish illustration is also making this logo trendy and professional.

Our designer selected the black and maroon-ish red color for this logo and the reason for choosing this color theme was quite logical. Red represents the strength of any brand, its purity and commitment to deliver better services, similarly, black is the color of integrity and trust. The overall logo design reflects the commitment of Sharpline Advisors to deliver practical financing solutions with free consultations. At the time of final delivery of this logo design, the client remarked our efforts by giving positive logo design pros reviews.

If you want to give your business a market boost, get a logo design from us with Logo design pros affordable packages. We offer you a range of seven logo design packages that not only provide you a custom logo, but also other branding tool such as stationery set, website, social media custom themes & search engine submissions.

‘Clean Solutions’ Animated Video – Logo Design Pros Reviews


Clean Solutions is a small business enterprise that offers the most trusted and reliable cleaning services including, office cleaning, janitorial services, carpet cleaning and floor care services to the commercial customers. The company has a motive to build long term connectivity with its customers by delivering cost effective solutions to their cleaning needs. They need to seize more customer attention through an animated video in which they can address their cleaning expertise and promote their services.

The positive Logo Design Pros reviews for the unimpeachable custom animated videos made ‘Clean Solutions’ to share their idea with us. They asked us to make their video specific and attention grabbing. To highlight all the prominent brand services of Clean Solutions, Logo Design pros expert team goes up to their reputation and developed an exceptional video.

The expert scriptwriters, story boarders, animators and voice-over artists delivered a professional and creative animated video for them. At each and every step, our team has executed highly professional and ultimate services which help Clean Solutions to tell their story in a way that’s easy to remember.

The video highlights the main services and USP of the brand which connects perfectly with your customers. It has a professional script explaining every detail of client’s services in a very expressive manner. The designer created a very engaging video story that explains the message of Clean Solutions using prominent colors, imagery and visual metaphor.

At the final review stage of the video, client has given many positive Logo Design Pros reviews on our transitions, timings and general animations. We provide you top class branding solutions with creative balance at affordable prices because we are long term partners to help your business produce, implement and track the success of your video project.

If you are having issues simplifying your message and explaining who you are and what you deliver? Logo Design Pros can help you to bring your product to life and connect it emotionally with viewers by conveying your Brand’s value proposition clearly and quickly.

‘Ponder this’ Ecommerce Website – Logo Design Pros Reviews

Web development

‘Ponder this’ is an online classy store of fashion accessories for both women and men. The brand contacted Logo Design Pros to design and develop a fully operational fashion online store. At Logo Design Pros, we understands that online store is much more than any ordinary store, as it directly allows customers to buy products or services online. For an online store it is important to capture strong market reputation and our designers make sure that the website turns out to be really impressive.

To attain strong brand reputation, Logo Design Pros did in depth analysis of the e-tail market for an online concept fashion store. Since, ecommerce is a big beast with lots of complexities, but our expert web developers believe it doesn’t have to be hard. Therefore at first, our expert web developers conducted a detailed study of client’s business and its competitors. Then our web developers designed the home page concept with a complete web layout which later gets fully operated after client’s approval.

The design of the website is very eye catchy that can easily seize attention of the customer. Considering the brand persona, our web designers used a contemporary web layout theme with trendy pictures that are ahead of the curve in online store industry.  The overall impact of the website is basic and user friendly with design elements of basic navigation bar, eye catchy web banner and cataloged product gallery. Another easy to use designed feature is CMS Content Management System through which client can make changes in product updates, and other discount offers.

Logo Design Pros offers its clients a complete web design and development solutions that can easily caters their online business needs. From web design and development to merchant integration, we deliver high tech business solutions at the most affordable design packages. We have a collection of Ecommerce Web development portfolio that has become a reason for hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews.

What should I do to Activate the Potential of My Brand?

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If our brand identity is well managed, it can make us look more professional than our competitors and also in the eyes of our potential customers. What should I do to activate the potential of my brand? The value, credibility and reputation of a brand, what makes it unique and different? Such strategies that go beyond a good logo design will be answered in this article.

Brand Identity

One of the most valuable brand’s attributes.It is one of the cornerstones for value creation. It is also linked to growth, the perceived quality of products and factors are as crucial as loyalty, trust or preference to which brand aspires.

Preference and Desire

The impact of brands on relational communication is critical and highly effective for businesses. If our brand is similar to that of our competitors, we are at risk and scratching our share pie. Hence it become more important to get a unique and catchy brand identity that includes custom logo design, stationery sets and print collaterals.

When the value takes shape

Corporate reputation plays a key role in helping to turn the potential of my brand and affects the decision-making of our customers. The perception of our corporate message says more about us than the same products we sell. The feeling of belonging, pride and value of employees, suppliers and customers for many businesses is one of its main competitive advantages, and this is always built the brand. To activate the potential of my brand need to define an advantageous position to increase our value, visibility and recognition performance and preference in the minds of potential customers.

Brand Management

Brand management is a set of factors that act in a coordinated manner and build brand image. Following are the key element of brand management:

  • Positioning
  • The information published on the company
  • The internal culture
  • The perception of different audiences
  • The graphic identity
  • Corporate communication
  • The Brand Strategy

Our identity must therefore be linked to the history of the organization, its mission, vision and values ​​to live the experience of the brand to potential customers and have return to their preference, choice and requirement.

Luxury Website Design for a Home Renovation Brand – Logo Design Pros reviews

Web design services

Custom web designs are basically grouped in to two major categories simple & elaborated, but in either case it can be developed great or very, very badly. However to create a simple website may sound easy to you, but developing a clutter-free website requires a solid grounding in core design elements as well as experience in creating websites. There was time in the internet history, when any one could splash up a bunch of text with few snaps and look like a well-established business, but now a day’s internet has become most lucrative & competent market than ever! Now visitors are more sophisticated with rise in their website usability expectations.

Logo Design Pros has substantial experience in developing high quality custom websites. We have been developing websites for more than 45 divers industries. Venning House is great website design created by us. The company offers a wide range of residential & commercial furniture. Their requirements were to develop a website that could depict the high quality and elite standard of furniture.

At Logo Design Pros, our expert web developers know that research is one of the key fundamentals that result a functional website. In particular case of Venning House our designers decided to create a luxury website design with the use of high quality custom made textures, aesthetic color palate and elegant font style. The incorporation of such design elements has form the creative & elite web design for Vanning Furniture.

Logo Design Pros have designed numerous of highly customized websites for its more than million clients across the globe. The website of Venning House is a nice addition to the rice & diverse portfolio. Call us now at our toll-free # (866-455-5646) to start your website project today at industry’s most competitive price. Our hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews are testament to the high quality and timely serve website solutions.

Custom Web Design V/S Free Online Web Template – Logo Design Pros Review

 web designing

It’s a well-known fact that internet has become most divers and lucrative online market and most of the businesses have been already taking enormous advantages for being online.   The first step to enter in this online world of boundless business opportunity is to get a custom website design. To open a business or a company in a traditional market, you need an office; in similar way a website is an online presence of your business or company. To get a professionally developed website you can trust world leading company Logo Design Pros. For last eight years, we are designing custom web sites for more than 45 diverse industries. You may explore hundreds of well-crafted web designs that are present in our rich and diverse custom web portfolio.

You may find hundreds of free online web templates available which enable a web developer to create a website by just changing the web content, colors and font style, but the only problem that exists is these web templates is a general / common design. This may seem quite interesting and economical to you at an instance, but in the long run this decision may spoil your business with such facts that include design failure, poor web navigation, distracted web content etc. Your website should have a unique design same like the unique business features offered by you. For custom web site design you should hire the best design company like Logo Design Pros. As we are offering high quality web design services at industry’s most affordable web design packages.

Logo Design Pros web developers conduct a thorough research on client’s industry, competitors and current web design standards. On the basis of the results generated by the research initial web design concepts are created. The frame-work of entire website design is based on the client finalized design concept. The end result of all these initiatives. Our client gets a fully operational website.

Get a custom website with Logo Design Pros Basic Web Package at an unbeatable price of $245. The package has a great value for your money. With this you will get a fully functional website with one year free domain name and web hosting. The package also offers 10 stock photos and 10 email addresses with free Google friendly sitemap and complete W3C certified HTML.

We also assign a dedicated account manager to track and guide you with the entire website design process. This has also brought hundreds of positive Logo Design Pros reviews. For more information, visit our website www.logodesignpros.com